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Please review all of the products as we have updated multiple items & designs for 2010.     

   To see all products please visit our display              table on your picture day!


Designer Player Photos

These designer player prints have your league name & colors splashed on them with a sport specific logo. Prints are available in both 5x7 & 8x10 sizes.

Designer Team Photos

We have taken our great looking team pictures and made them better. They now include the league name and season as well as your leagues colors.  Available in both 5x7 & 8x10 sizes. 



  Please note that border colors will be changed to match teams colors

12X18 Personalized Player Poster

This 12x18 player poster is customized with the player's name, your leagues name & logo, as well as the current year. This is a must have item.

8X18 Locker Calendar

This 2010 Locker Calendar is customized with your league colors and name. Perfect for the home or home and makes a great gift.

Digital Trading Cards

Printed on the same stock at     the professionals, these traders are first class. These 2-sided, personalized cards come  wrapped in packs of 8, and packaged with bubble gum.


Please note that border colors will be changed to match teams colors


   More Images   Coming Soon

Set of 3 Key Tags

This set of key tags are double-sided, hard plastic PVC key tags have your league name & team colors splashed on them with a sport specific logo on both sides. Comes in sets of 3.


Please note that colors will be changed to match teams colors

Magazine Cover

Our original 8"x10" magazine cover is customized with your child's name as       "Player of the Week".

Ticket Package

Ticket packs are press printed, 2-sided collections that are modeled after real event tickets. Each ticket package contains:

  • four small tickets         2"x4"

  • one large ticket           2"x8"

  • one large field pass   4"x5"

  • one small field pass   2"x3"


More Images  Coming Soon

 Pair of Designer Magnets

These magnets measure 4"x5" and have the league name and team colors along the side.


Please note that the border colors will be changed to match your teams colors.


Jersey Frame

This item is approximately 8 inches tall and has a 3x5 picture included inside. A great item for any office or desk.

Designer Memory Mate

This new Designer Memory Mate is an 8x10 horizontal print that includes the league's name, players name, uniform number, position, as well as year.




Please note that the memory mates colors will be changed to match your teams colors.

Customized Player Plaque

This personalized Memory Mate Plaque is made with a 10x13 wood plaque, a 3x5 individual player picture and 5x7 group pictures along with a personalized 3x5 brass plate engraving with your child's name, league name, and season.


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